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Property Services in Halesowen & Blackheath

Whether buying, selling or re-mortgaging a property, having a specialist to assist during the process can make a real difference.

As property services solicitors, we offer a wide variety of expert services, including purchasing and equity transfer, to help take the stress out of the process.

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation for all our property services, allowing us, with our years of experience, to find the solution right for your circumstances.

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Property Services Solicitor in Halesowen & Blackheath

As a leading property services solicitor in the Halesowen and Blackheath areas, we can offer a number of professional property services, including:


Property Sales

Selling a property can be an incredibly confusing and stressful experience, especially if doing so privately. However, even if you sell your property through an estate agent, you will still need a property sales solicitor to help manage all the legal aspects. Here at Jordans Solicitors, our team are highly experienced in property sales, with the ability to make the entire process quick and straightforward, allowing you to focus on finding your new home.


Purchasing a property is often the most significant financial transaction many of us will make, which is why it is so important to have an experienced property purchase solicitor. As a property services solicitor, we work with clients throughout Halesowen, Blackheath and beyond, providing our expert legal advice to help them complete their purchases without issues.

Equity Transfer

Equity transfers are far from uncommon, but they can still be a complicated process that requires the legal guidance of a specialist advisor. At Jordans Solicitors, our team are on hand to help make sense of all the legal requirements to ensure a smooth and quick property equity transfer.


Re-mortgaging a property can be due a variety of situations and may require the expertise of an experienced property services solicitor. Here at Jordans Solicitors, our team has helped many clients through the remortgage process, offering support to manage all manner of circumstances.

Why Choose Jordans Solicitors?

Here at Jordans Solicitors, our clients choose us for their legal services for several reasons, including:
  • Professional Service A highly professional service from a team accredited by a number of renowned regulatory bodies, including SFE Solicitors for the Elderly and Resolution First for Family Law
  • Free Quote Free no-obligation quotations and consultations for all our legal services
  • Highly Experienced A highly experienced and friendly team available to ensure an easy, stress-free process throughout
  • Local Solicitors Local solicitors proud to work closely with clients throughout Halesowen, Blackheath and the wider West Midlands community

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