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Conveyancing Solicitor in Halesowen & Blackheath

Selling a property can be a long and arduous process, especially if doing so privately.

However, even if you sell your property through an estate agent, you still need a property sales solicitor to deal with all the complicated legal aspects. Any legal complications, particularly when a mortgage is involved, can slow down the entire process.

Here at Jordans Solicitors, we are highly experienced in property sales and have been offering our services to clients in Halesowen, Blackheath and beyond since 1991.

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation for all our property services to allow us to find the solution right for your circumstances.

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Property Sales Solicitor in Halesowen & Blackheath

A property sales solicitor is essential during the selling process, as without, any issues that arise when near completion will hold the sale up and prevent it from going forward until resolved. 


Here at Jordans Solicitors, we understand you are likely not a legal expert and do not want to waste time struggling to get to grips with complicated legal issues when selling a property. 

As highly knowledgeable property sales solicitors, we will handle all legal aspects of a house sale, including:

Experienced Conveyancing Solicitor in Halesowen & Blackheath

Every property sale is different, so the conveyancing time depends entirely on circumstances, including other parties involved and the complexity of the sale.

On average, it often takes between four to twelve weeks for a property sales solicitor to get everything in order, though we will always try our hardest to ensure the sale goes through as quickly as possible. 

Throughout the selling process, we will explain everything in straightforward terms avoiding legal jargon and answer any questions you may have. We understand budgeting is often a priority when selling a home, which is why all our conveyancing services are competitively priced, with the costs laid out in simple terms.

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