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The process of remortgaging refers to the act of changing the mortgage of your property to move to a new lender. If you wish to sign a new mortgage agreement with the same lender for your property, this is a quick and straightforward process that doesn’t require the services of a remortgage solicitor. 

However, if you are shopping around for the most suitable mortgage for your specific situation and are considering getting in touch with a new mortgage lender, you will need to work with a remortgage solicitor to assist you through the process. It is important to understand that some banks and building societies will already work with a remortgage legal partner, whose costs are likely to be covered by the bank itself or added to your mortgage agreement. In this case, you don’t need to find a solicitor. 

If you have to pay for a remortgage solicitor to remortgage your property, it is because your mortgage lender of choice doesn’t partner with a specialist who provides for your property remortgage and conveyancing needs. We, at Jordans Solicitors, are experienced with the legal challenges and process of a remortgaged property and can provide our remortgage solicitor services to our clients in the Black Country. 

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A remortgage solicitor provides conveyancing services when you need to remortgage your property. Our team has helped many clients through the remortgage process, and we can support you in a variety of situations. Indeed, changing the mortgage of your property can happen for different reasons: 

  • Your credit score and financial situation have changed, and you can get a better deal on your mortgage agreement.
  • You need to borrow more money and want to use your property remortgage to that intent. 
  • You are changing your relationship status, such as through a divorce or a marriage and need new mortgage terms to reflect on your new financial means. 
  • You need to consolidate your debts and therefore create an umbrella creditor for all outstanding debts and credits. 

There are specific situations in which you don’t need a conveyancing solicitor to help you with your remortgage. As mentioned above, if you remortgage the property with the same lender by moving to a new rate, it is a product transfer that happens within the lender’s structure. Additionally, if you are borrowing more money on your existing mortgage with the same lender, there is no need for legal charges. For anything else, you will need an experienced solicitor to help you. 

We, are Jordans Solicitors, are experienced with working with banks, building societies and specialist mortgage lenders and can take away a lot of the stress and hassle related to the remortgage process. 

We have made it our mission to support our clients in the Black Country. Therefore, we guarantee you a friendly and helpful service with no confusing legal jargon or hidden fees. Our long property law experience ensures a smooth and quick conveyancing process, which is detrimental to a remortgage deal. We are available to our clients for any queries by phone, email, text, or face-to-face appointments in our office in Halesowen and Blackheath. 

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