Court of Protection Birmingham

What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection is the judicial body deciding whether someone has the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves regarding their finance and property but also their health and welfare. Those decisions may relate to property and finance, or questions of health and welfare.

What do Court of Protection Solicitors do?

Caring for your family members and loved ones is by no means easy, but no matter how difficult it gets, you’re always going to make sure you have their best interests at heart.

In the instant that your loved one may no longer have the mental capacity to make important decisions regarding their finances, Court of Protection Solicitors can be of service. 

If you meet the following criteria, then we can help you: 

  • You are responsible for managing somebody else’s finances/affairs 
  • You are concerned about your own ability to manage your affairs
  • There is a dispute or uncertainty about somebody’s ability to make their own decisions 
  • There is a dispute about what medical treatment or care is in a person’s best interests 


Our Court of Protections Solicitors based near Birmingham are highly experienced in dealing with Court of Protection matters and can help you in various areas. Whether you need help with statutory wills and trusts or a court of protection health and welfare dispute, we can be of assistance. 

Court of Protection Solicitors Birmingham

Call Baldeep on either 0121 559 2922 or 0121 585 3900 for a free friendly, no obligation consultation.

Baldeep Kaur Kooner, Jordans Solicitors

Why choose Jordans Solicitors? 

With offices in Halesowen and Blackheath, we are one of the leading solicitor’s firms in the UK, a high street solicitor agency serving the Birmingham area.

We have an experienced team who can take care of everything related to the Court of Protection but you can also count on our Property, Wills and Probate solicitors to offer all the necessary services you may need to deal with your affairs. 

You can always rely on us to give you expert advice regarding investments, tax returns, financial management, and more. We charge affordable rates, offer discounts on multiple transactions, and legal aid may be available for those in disputes about health and welfare. 

Court of Protection Application

As we have numerous years of experience helping people with court of protection issues, we know how important it is to plan for your later years. By planning now and making decisions that you may not be able to make, later on, you will have peace of mind and gift it to your loved ones. 

Get in touch with our Court of Protection Solicitors to discuss your Court of Protection Application and we will provide you with an initial free 30-minute interview to discuss your case, explain your options and advise you appropriately.

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